Craft Contra Covid



The most vulnerable in our society are facing a very grave crisis as a result of the social and economic fallout of Covid-19.


Even though the crisis is having a profound impact on our sector, the craft beer community has always been extremely committed to the wider wellbeing of our society. As such, we want harness this closeness in our craft community to help those in the most precarious positions through a new campaign – Craft Contra Covid / #ccc.


Over the coming weeks we will be launching a series of initiatives to raise money for charities that help support these vulnerable communities. As a first step, for each purchase of our beer made through our online shop we’ll be donating a proportion to the charity Fundacion Raíces:

  • For purchases of cases and individual cans of Citrus Cream Ale and/or Porter we will donate 50% of the total amount (€20 for each case, €2 for each individual can)


  • For purchases of Madrid Mixed cases we’ll donate 15% of the total amount (€10 for each case)

More information is available in the shop on the pages of relevant beers.

Fundacion Raíces


Fundación Raíces is a non-profit charity with more than 20 years’ experience supporting children, young people and families in vulnerable positions across Spain.

Their fundamental aim is to help the socially excluded – particularly those without support networks – to fully integrate into society and access the support and protection they deserve.


A key focus is giving young people the support they need to transition successfully to adult life, through programmes that provide legal support as well as those that build critical life and social skills. One such initiative is “Cocina Conciencia”, which helps young people develop careers in hostelería, through providing work experience, education and career advice to help build their knowledge, confidence and employability.